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Concert - The Agonist, Ferium and Selfmachine - 11.3.2015 - Das Rind, Rüsselsheim

Short announcement in advance:
I am going to try to write an concert review in English language for the first time now and hope, this works as well. Maybe, if someone reads this, and has some advice, critics or even compliments, this would be very appreciated by the author. Just comment, please.

But now, straight to the concert. It was, once more, at one of the nicest places I know: Das Rind in Rüsselsheim. A small, but always well-sounding and great organized venue. I especially like them for their progressive music events, which are hard to find in such a quality location in the area. This time, it was not mainly progressive music, but straight to the face metal, that brought me there.

Otep was planned as a headliner, but had to cancel the tour, which was very sad news, but with The Agonist, Ferium and Selfmachine, the show still promised to be big. And happily I was not alone with this thought and the venue got filled with, I would guess, some 70-80 people in the end. But the atmosphere, as far as I can say, was really great and it was real fun.

To be honest, I only learned about The Agonist (which was the band, I wanted to hear most on the lineup) when they parted ways with their former singer, Alissa White-Gluz. She joined one of my favorite bands in Arch Enemy, and was replaced by Vicky Psarakis. And this is, how I first listened to the old material of the band from Canada. And since it really sounded great, I wanted to see and hear them live some time.

That it was in Das Rind, to get that chance was really luck, since I like that place and I saw the chance to listen to the versatile singing style of Vicky in there.

Joining the team from Montreal was a really international package. Openers on this day was Selfmachine, a band from the Netherlands, playing a really modern kind of metal. What I found especially interesting about their music was that variety of voices they use with three people singing. And even though the audience was not very big at this time, they where able to deliver a great performance and bring the people to follow them on their trip through thrash, death and heavy metal.

Following this already great performance was a short break for changing the setup on stage. But I was really impressed, how fast this new setup was up and the next band entered the stage.

And this was Ferium from Israel. Since there are so many great bands from this region, I was really looking forward to what these guys would be bringing on stage. And it showed, that the expectations where not too high, even though it took a while for them to really convince me. They started with some really strong death metal songs. But what I was waiting for was the influence of local music and culture.

And since I do not listen to texts on first concerts I see bands at, I can´t say if they might have references to their regional background in there. In the music itself it took 2 or 3 songs for me to get what I wanted to have, but then the mixture of death metal, multi voices and oriental (strange to European ears, but very interesting) influence really flashed me in the end and so the time of this performance also ended too quick.

To end too quick is also the first thing I will remember of The Agonists appearance on stage on this evening. The singer, as she told us during the show, had to recover from a whole week of sickness and was only able to perform a shortened set. Taking this into account the performance she and her bandmates delivered was impressive.

It was power on stage from the very first minute and even with her health issues I was not able to say, that Vicky was not giving her very best. The music is beyond critics anyway and as well her growling and clear vocals did not show any weaknesses. Supported by her great backing vocalists, a very energetic overall appearance and a very versatile instrumentation this was, as short as it was, the highlight of the evening.

The only thing I would think about complaining would be the following. As Vicky announced, her colleagues played some instrumental sets during her medical pause. I was hoping, that this would also happen on that day, at least to give the audience some more time with a really great band. But it looks as if it was decided to stay with a shortened vocal set, which is of course, completely to the band.

FINALY, I want to thank (once more) the members of the team of Das Rind for their really good organization, the bands for their passion and power and the audience for their, as I think, good support of the whole evening.

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  1. Sehr interessanter Bericht!
    Ich habe The Agonist letztes Jahr am Summer Breeze zum ersten Mal live gesehen und muss sagen, dass sie mir dort absolut nicht gefallen haben, als größtes Manko empfand ich die Stimme der Sängerin. Umso überraschender, dass sie dir so gut gefallen haben, vielleicht sollte ich sie mir bei der nächsten Gelegenheit nochmal anschauen, nur um sicherzugehen. ;-)